Bitcoin Crash: 3 Reasons why bitcoin price is falling?

Even the Financial Services Agency (FSA) came out with a statement that domestic cryptocurrency exchanges will be suspended causing further fall in Bitcoin price.


Cryptocurrency: Get Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda

You can buy almost everything with crypto: Weed, Beer, and Lambos etc. but now getting a Citizenship is also possible. Coingeek says it will now help anyone buy citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda for cryptocurrency, but the only catch here is that you must have Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Reddit might Relaunch Crypto Payments – Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin

Social media platform Reddit is planning to reinstate cryptocurrency as a payment option for its gold members – and this time bitcoin won’t be the only option. In 2013, Reddit had started accepting Bitcoin for Reddit Gold, in partnership with Coinbase, an online Bitcoin exchange. However, the social media platform stopped accepting cryptocurrency in March despite its large and active cryptocurrency community.

Ripple: Bulls are back to skyrocket the cryptocurrency

Ripple (XRP) apparently had a bullish run over the last week, forcing many to say; the “Pay-Day” has come for the cryptocurrency. There have been continuous announcements from people involved in the project almost every week or Ripple tools being used for different cross-border payments. As this news comes in, there is noticed enlargement for Ripple; making its value drive close to much talked about $1.